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Depressing Photography: 1

Random Quote: Two

"I stood looking down through the beech trees. When I threw a stone I could count to five before the splash. Then I jumped in a rush of gold to the head, through black and cold, red and cold, brown and warm,giving water the weight and size of myself in order to imagine it, water with my bones, water with my mouth and my understanding. When my body was in some way a wave to swim in, one continuous fin from head to tail, I steered through rapids like a canoe, digging my hands in, keeping just ahead of the river." -Alice Oswald

yesterdays north korean television stream

I have been watching some north korean television lately. The programming only seems to last a few hours a day but thats good enough to get a good look. I very much enjoyed the artwork that seemed to air between segments or programmes.  Here is some of it..