Bookmaking: How to make a hard cover book part 3

On to part three. This is the final part of a three part tutorial in a continuing series of instructional posts. This tutorial is about book making and how to make a hard cover book or journal by yourself. Head on over to part one and then part two to get the full story.

While this isn't really about binding, here is an example of one type of binding that I have used a few times.

If youre going this route, remember that people will see the stitching, unless you come up with a different way to bind it.

A different example.

It might seem crazy but at this point all we need to do is use our very strong PVA glue to connect the block to the cover. This will form a strong bond. Remember to cover both sides that are to be glued.

At this point you're pretty much done. Leave it closed tightly overnight making sure to wipe away excess glue before you leave it to dry.