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Bookmaking: How to make a hard cover book part 2

This is part two of a continuing series of instructional posts. This series is about how to make a hard cover book. In this part we will go over the joining of the two covers and lining the inside covers with fabric. If you have not read it yet please refer to the first part of the series right here before reading this one.

Now that are covers and spine are dried we can attach the two covers together.

Again, mock up the final product with some tape. Put the paper block inside to see how it fits. This is your last chance to get it right before gluing it into place, make sure it is right.

Taped in to place and it looks pretty good.

Glue it down, remembering to put glue on both surfaces, the paper baked fabric and the surface it is being glued to. Remember to glue the front side as well, carefully.

Now that we glued the middle joining piece lets get to finishing the inside. Again we tape it all up so when we finally glue stuff is in the right plate.

Here we leave most of the inside cover taped in place while some is released so we can glue it down. Remember to glue both sides. I've masked off a bit of the area to avoid getting glue where it doesn't belong, you should too.

Now that the first part is tacked in to place (but not dried yet, be careful) we can remove the rest of the temporary taping. Make sure to mask off the edges as they will be exposed and visible, you don't want glue there. Put glue on the paper backed fabric and the board, both sides need to be wet with glue.

Hooray. We are glued in to place and the inside cover, and front cover is finished.

Great now the cover itself is pretty much finished. It is still very fragile though so we need to let it dry overnight before we continue on to part three, where we put it all together.

That is it for now. Be sure to tune in for part three. Again, if you have any questions leave a comment below.

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