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make pigment prints

A lot of photographs from this current generation are going to be stuck inside computers and on memory cards. For me it is important to have prints of at least some of the digital imagery I make so that the images are no longer locked in a machine. Just an image showing a test print as I work toward a larger project.

Archive: Winter is coming

That weather is changing quickly around these parts. The trees are becoming spindly branches and the nights are getting chilly. Here is an old archived image to get you in the winter mood. It is amazing to see the things that people leave abandoned out there, sometimes it is big. This is a scanned 5x7 gelatin silver print made in a traditional darkroom..

Making art that you can touch

Making things makes you feel good. Tangible things that you can hold in your hands are one of the most amazing things humans create. With all of this digital content creation these days I think it can be easy to forget how much a tactile experience can dictate how we feel about something. This is an 8x10 gelatin silver print.

More California Zephyr Photographs

I have recently been going through older negatives and printing them. Here are just a few photos made on the California Zephyr. Unsure which year. Printed as 8x10 prints in a wet darkroom.

Bookmaking: How to make a hard cover book part 3

On to part three. This is the final part of a three part tutorial in a continuing series of instructional posts. This tutorial is about book making and how to make a hard cover book or journal by yourself. Head on over to part one and then part two to get the full story.

Bookmaking: How to make a hard cover book part 2

This is part two of a continuing series of instructional posts. This series is about how to make a hard cover book. In this part we will go over the joining of the two covers and lining the inside covers with fabric. If you have not read it yet please refer to the first part of the series right here before reading this one.

archive: tornado 2007

In late August 2007 a small F1 tornado swept through my neighborhood outside of Chicago. As far as I know there were no injuries. There was a small amount of property damage and people in the area went without power for 5 days. Here are a couple photographs showing tree damage in the immediate area around my home.

Bookmaking: How to make a hard cover book part 1

Books are pretty simple to make. There are thousands of ways to make books and that means there really is not much of a wrong way to do it. So long as you are pleased with the results a book you made is still an amazing object to have and hold.

It follows you back home

It is everywherelitter, trash, whatever you call it. It is everywhere. One of the most amusing offenders surely must be when someone TP's a house. Here are a couple more images from a short walk around town.

make prints in a real darkroom

The art of printmaking in a darkroom using traditional materials and methods is not totally dead yet. It is 2011 and I was easily able to go out and purchase chemicals for printing as well as to order from the internet a large box of juicy chemicals ready for the darkroom. Making some proof prints of some new rolls of film, or new sheets, is always a fun experience. You get to see the images in the flesh for the first time. Looking at them as a small negative is one thing but seeing them as a print, even if only 5x7 is another. More work to come!

hand crafting your own art

I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when finished developed film is hanging to dry. You've seen a bit of what is there but not really. You know you got stuff but you have to wait to see it. It really is kind of cool to know that you made it happen. Pictured are two rolls of Kodak Panatomic-X as they are still drying. You may see some images from here in the future. That is all.

developing new ideas

The last time I used this product it was made by someone else, Agfa, and under a different name, Rodinal. This bottle of Adonal by Adox should last for quite a few rolls of film, 100 or more. And it likely wont expire in the process. This stuff gets diluted 1:50 with water or 1:100. Compared to 1:1 that I was using with another developer this stuff is much more concentrated. That lets me develop two 36 exposure rolls of film with about 5ml of developer instead of 250ml. Expect to see some more film stuff in the future as I get my darkroom activities back under way.

california zephyr pictures

Recently one of these trains had a problem. Here are some views from the zephyr over the past few years.

he died and geraldo was there

So Osama Bin Laden died and Geraldo was out on the streets of america covering the reaction. He really is a hero.

looking down

I didn't realize how many of these I had made. Surely others I did not see on this quick look through old images.

a night of music

Everybody has to do it sometime. This time it was Willie Nelson.

people in space

With a dirty sensor and lens flares all around I photographed the ISS again. It really is fun to watch that go overhead.

another blizzard in the midwest

This time we got a lot of snow in the Chicago area. Most areas got over 30 inches. That is a lot of snow. A lot of people also got stuck on Lake Shore Drive.