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modern world is a wonderful thing, but

_DSC5242.jpgThe Modern World is a wonderful thing but it can also be very troublesome. Sometimes things go wrong.

This evening a plane crashed into a house while approaching the airport in Buffalo NY. There is no rescue operations and it is apparent that all aboard, nearly 50 people, have died. Continental flight 3407 went down in New York State. The De Havilland Dash 8-400 (twin-turboprop) plane was being referred to on the radio by the company it was operated by Colgan air 3407 and it originated in New Jersey and was bound for Buffalo when it crashed without any distress calls.

How do I know there were no calls of distress? Because I have the air traffic control recordings of flight 3407. Yes, It’s 2009, and this type of thing is available. CNN is talking wearily about the possibility of these recordings existing and I have had them for over an hour and wrote a website about it. The ‘expert’ CNN is talking to says it would be VERY strange to have these tapes so early. Is it? its 2009!
The pilot talks to Air traffic control minutes before the crash of flight 3407.
While the television news tells me that a person on the scene says it “smells like burning fuel” I am working in a sound editor piecing together clips to understand it all. While the television is speculating if a tape exists or who else it may even been recorded by I am posting it on my website. While CNN is telling me they are wary of releasing anything on the tape because it may be sequestered by the FAA I have it on my website.. The internet has outpaced CNN by a LONG SHOT.
After listening to the traffic for a while one can hear the air traffic controllers notice something went wrong.
Air traffic controllers spread word about the crash
*”all of the sudden we have no response from that aircraft….there’s an aircraft over the marker and we’re not talking to them anymore” *
CNN asks “do you know anything about this tape” and here I am quoting it on my website.. I wonder what takes them so long!?
While CNN is telling me to be wary that early reports are often incorrect and spotty at best I am listening to the recordings from the controllers speaking to the actual pilot, a happy sounding female. I am also looking at a radar plot of the flight showing it did not land, with weather radar overlaid over the route itself.
The weather conditions are important as just around the time the flight went missing air traffic control confirmed that a plane that was en-route to Buffalo did not have “VFR”, or visual flight rules.
Controllers confirm visual flight rule status as ‘no’ around time when flight 3407 goes missing
The controllers apparent first action after the spreading about the missing flight was to talk to another plane in the area to ask about the icing conditions.
Controllers ask about Icing in area of 3407.
The news media is now going to Youtube and on the scene citizen photos to get their latest news. Normal people are spreading the news now… It is a great world when this can happen.. Everything is at our collective fingertips…
Cockpit voice recordings available from flight 3407 within moments of actual crash.

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