wyoming does not look bad


 As far as looks go Wyoming isn't a bad looking place... Like a lot of these areas there are quite a lot of snow fences. They have an interesting appeal.

on the steel horse


Riding a train feels very civilized. If one can afford the time it takes it surely might be the best way to travel. Here are some views.

riding that hiway


This is something that is like the color of grass. We have it stuck in our heads.

the old stuff still works


This old thing was recently handed down to me. Along with it a bunch of old family films, but more interesting to me, were the 8mm cartoons.

kelleys island in july

Kelleys Island is a place I've been going all my life. I don't even know if it's 'cool' at this point because it is just like a home to me. Here are some images from a trip in 2009.

you can still buy things in person


Flea markets arent what they used to be. People sell all kinds of brand new stuff. Another thing the internet has changed forever.

re-pent. now christ is coming


I always wonder what compels some people to tag stuff. This time, I hope the persons tag is not "repent".

At least people seemed to be using this can.

riding to another state


I love to see how all the little towns and villages across the country handle their water tower. Smaller towns end up with some of the more interesting solutions.

A trip for food


Going in to stores away from home is usually amusing.... Even though most of the products are the same it is interesting to see how different it is.

Canyon Road

_DSC0538.jpgSome very interesting roadways in America. This one is in Colorado.

it is a freight train in utah

_DSC0601.jpgAnother old archived image.

photo from outer space

gem1.jpgPhotograph of Geminid meteor from December 2006. This image was featured on the NASA Science@Nasa Website in 2007 in relation to the geminid meteor shower of that year. Here is a link: science.nasa.gov

transit without a car

01.jpgExcerpt from a book I made about people on mass transit.

archive: "street photography"

Here are two photographs from the archive.

modern world is a wonderful thing, but

_DSC5242.jpgThe Modern World is a wonderful thing but it can also be very troublesome. Sometimes things go wrong.