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Making images of other people inside of their cars has fascinated me for a while now. For a long time, maybe 5 years I have been photographing the drivers and passengers of vehicles as I rode past them. Imagine my surprise when I found a well respected photographer, Andrew Bush, released a book called “DRIVE” featuring the exact type of photograph that I had been making for years.

The images of people driving or riding in a car. And Imagine my further annoyance when I considered the fact that I had just printed, and hand bound created my hand made book featuring the same type of images, except my book was called “CAR” and I had the idea to include other images rather than the exact same type of image 66 times as Bush did.

Now, I loved making this type of image and I had never really seen anything like it. When I found out Andrew Bush had published a book featuring the same things I began to wonder who did it first.. was it me?! Could it possibly have been me? I have been making those images for years after all. I even made a book.

So.. What is the stuff that Andrew Bush did looking like? They look pretty much just like mine.
only this one above image is owned by Andrew Bush

My book is hand made, in the USA, it is an edition of One. There will never be another made like the one I have made. Each print was carefully printed using archival materials to ensure the longest lasting experience possible.
I am selling my hand made, edition of 1, signed, artist book of original photography for $1000 (OBO):

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