Is Doctrine Really the Answer

doctrine.jpgThis man said “doctrine is the answer” and I wonder if it is. Just how much can doctrine and strict regimen really improve the way things in the world are dealt with? Whether it be used in a religious context or a societal ills context the question raised by this man is a worthy one.

Dense Fog Advisory

_DSC5121.jpgA warm front moved in during the early evening hours. A thick layer of snow on the ground caused a large amount of fog to blow through the area. With the wind gusts one could see clouds of the fog billowing in the flood lights.

Modern day snake oil

snakeoil.jpgI love televised ministries. Seeing the various ways one can preach interests me to no end. Now, along with this interest is my interest in photographing a television. I have been doing this for years and I was very surprised today to find a man selling snake oil.

Is your art YOURS? Buy MY book Instead!!

Making images of other people inside of their cars has fascinated me for a while now. For a long time, maybe 5 years I have been photographing the drivers and passengers of vehicles as I rode past them. Imagine my surprise when I found a well respected photographer, Andrew Bush, released a book called “DRIVE” featuring the exact type of photograph that I had been making for years.