turnpike journey

_DSC3521.jpgOn a road that I have traveled quite a few times at this point in my life I find miles and miles of farms. It really is interesting that one could travel for hours via a multitude of vehicle and still find only farms outside of the window. There is not much else that is of any interest on a road trip throughout the middle of the country.

Sometimes you could find yourself being interested in the contents of passing cars. Sometimes you can find something interesting at one of the many rest stops. The things people fill their cars with; dogs, cats and weeks worth of garbage are common.

There is such an interesting road culture in the United States. One of things I believe may be strangest is people bringing their dogs along for the ride. I understand some of them may be moving and have no choice but to bring their pet or pets. But what about the people bring their dog on a vacation? I wonder if the dogs truly enjoy the trip? After a few days of traveling it is pretty clear that some don’t. It did not take that long to find three dogs that were freaking out.

The two dogs in that last photograph were riding in a car that had license plates that were from Colorado. A two thousand mile long car ride is quite a long ride for two dogs. I guess I am not surprised that one of them was barking franticly at me as I made a few photographs.
As an aside; it sure is great to be able to work on the road. With access to everything that I need I can get things done from any place with an Internet connection. Great!