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Rebuilding the suburbs, Again.

_DSC2106.jpgIt is rather strange that much of the United States already consumed by the sprawl of urbanization yet it seems that many believe there is nothing left to do than to rebuild stuff we already have. As it appears this has already happened in the past yet the process is repeating once more.

This time the pattern of rebuilding is following a less personal path. With chain restaurants stores and mini malls making each little section of the country harder to tell apart from each other it is very likely that in another generation or two we will be seeing another rebuild take place.

Whether it for better or worse quite a few buildings, likely cherished by someone, have fallen within just a few short years throughout the country. The photographs here, of Lombard Illinois, are only but a tiny fraction of the possible depth of this issue. I think it is interesting to note that much of the work in the replacements of the hand made mostly brickwork structures is prefabricated. Mostly gone are the hand laid bricks and hand carved wood. In their place we see stucco walls, plastic logos and poor service.
q_DSC7023.jpgAppliance Retailer, Lombard. 2006.
q_DSC3499.jpgAppliance Retailer, Lombard. 2007.
Here is an example… I was not sure why this structure had to go. As of yet just about 2008 this remains an empty lot. A proposed senior community has yet to bloom out of the grassy field but one day I am sure something will appear. Will people be able to get service from a family owned place at this location anymore? Who knows?
f_DSC6204.jpgLord’s 2006.
g_DSC7476.jpgLord’s 2006.
And yet another example, this to some is the hardest one for people to understand. The DuPage Theater was 79 years old and when it was demolished it was in the United States list of historic places. This list is usually believed to protect a building from such treatment. Again, this site remains an empty lot. The proposed condo complex has yet to be built. Will the city benefit more from condos or from a historic building?
a_DSC5869.jpgDuPage Theater 2006.
a_DSC8488.jpgDuPage Theater 2007.

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