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Rebuilding the suburbs, Again.

It is rather strange that much of the United States already consumed by the sprawl of urbanization yet it seems that many believe there is nothing left to do than to rebuild stuff we already have. As it appears this has already happened in the past yet the process is repeating once more.

new art for a new year

With the majority of 2007 in the past the look toward 2008 has begun. The coming year of work and academics for the world will likely go by largely uneventfully. Anticipation of events like the United States 2008 Presidential Election follow my education as interesting events that will be coming up next year.

turnpike journey

On a road that I have traveled quite a few times at this point in my life I find miles and miles of farms. It really is interesting that one could travel for hours via a multitude of vehicle and still find only farms outside of the window. There is not much else that is of any interest on a road trip throughout the middle of the country.