past and present in the united states

amvet.jpgAmerican Legion, Lombard Illinois 2005

journey to the island

_DSC1772.jpgSetting off around 05:20 we quickly see that nobody else is on the road.. A good thing for anyone on a road trip. Leaving Chicago is always amazing in the morning, you see the sun slowly coming up over the lake as the car creeps away from the urban into the rural.

foggy day in suburbia

_DSC1630.jpgIt was really foggy today. I always enjoy fog no matter where it is. The last time I saw fog was about a month ago on a train ride through the farmland of Nebraska as the sun was rising. The fog was so thick you couldnt even see out of the train. The stuff we had this morning wasn’t quite as thick but it did set a certain mood for the rest of the day…
tic tic tic… the road trip awaits…