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and one more thing...

It is so easy to be alone in a modern American city. I have this interesting idea that has been floating around my head for a while. I envision some far away bazaar type affair with people bustling and interacting then I envision an American city… Mostly empty streets and if the street is occupied it is by cars not by pedestrians.

Something about the desert

Everything that I imagined the desert would be like was wrong. It did not feel that hot. The sun was a normal size for the sun. I didn’t sweat as much as expected.

all things change

I have heard it said that “nothing lasts forever” Seeing some of what I have seen and experienced I tend to agree.. Some things change, others stay the same. Nebraska offers some insight.. or not. I am convinced of the (relative) permanence of some things but.. everything tends to erode quite quickly!

isle of kelley

Maybe there will be counting of pennies… but rain or shine the island awaits. There should be many old VW vehicles on the island for some yearly event.