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Rebuilding the suburbs, Again.

It is rather strange that much of the United States already consumed by the sprawl of urbanization yet it seems that many believe there is nothing left to do than to rebuild stuff we already have. As it appears this has already happened in the past yet the process is repeating once more.

new art for a new year

With the majority of 2007 in the past the look toward 2008 has begun. The coming year of work and academics for the world will likely go by largely uneventfully. Anticipation of events like the United States 2008 Presidential Election follow my education as interesting events that will be coming up next year.

turnpike journey

On a road that I have traveled quite a few times at this point in my life I find miles and miles of farms. It really is interesting that one could travel for hours via a multitude of vehicle and still find only farms outside of the window. There is not much else that is of any interest on a road trip throughout the middle of the country.

past and present in the united states

American Legion, Lombard Illinois 2005

journey to the island

Setting off around 05:20 we quickly see that nobody else is on the road.. A good thing for anyone on a road trip. Leaving Chicago is always amazing in the morning, you see the sun slowly coming up over the lake as the car creeps away from the urban into the rural.

foggy day in suburbia

It was really foggy today. I always enjoy fog no matter where it is. The last time I saw fog was about a month ago on a train ride through the farmland of Nebraska as the sun was rising. The fog was so thick you couldnt even see out of the train. The stuff we had this morning wasn’t quite as thick but it did set a certain mood for the rest of the day…
tic tic tic… the road trip awaits…

and one more thing...

It is so easy to be alone in a modern American city. I have this interesting idea that has been floating around my head for a while. I envision some far away bazaar type affair with people bustling and interacting then I envision an American city… Mostly empty streets and if the street is occupied it is by cars not by pedestrians.

Something about the desert

Everything that I imagined the desert would be like was wrong. It did not feel that hot. The sun was a normal size for the sun. I didn’t sweat as much as expected.

all things change

I have heard it said that “nothing lasts forever” Seeing some of what I have seen and experienced I tend to agree.. Some things change, others stay the same. Nebraska offers some insight.. or not. I am convinced of the (relative) permanence of some things but.. everything tends to erode quite quickly!

isle of kelley

Maybe there will be counting of pennies… but rain or shine the island awaits. There should be many old VW vehicles on the island for some yearly event.

DuPage Theatre Demolition

The historic theater in downtown Lombard Illinois enters its final stage of demolition.. The building, which is on the national register of historic places, is set to come 100% down on May 11th..Here are some of my photographs from May 10th, within 2 hours of the resumption of demolition after a few months of stoppage.

finally my own hand made book

This is what the book looks like. A finished product! Took quite a few weeks and months but I really think it came out better than everyone who heard about it expected. I thought it came out better than I expected. Really was something that taught me a lot about art, photography and craftsmanship in general.

bookmaking #3

Final stages of construction. Here I am still attempting to do the inside covers and the book is bound yet not attached to the cover.

bookmaking test #2

I am getting closer to realizing the final goal of a book with 11x17 pages. Today I made another test book, this one is quite a bit more involved than the last one! The last book I made had the pages bound with thread then glued to the spine of the cover, this one has the pages bound together and then the whole block of pages was bound to cloth and then the cloth was glued to the cover. Hopefully this allows the pages to turn more freely.. (as well as looking a bit better).

bookmaking test #1

Another in a series of in progress photos. I am working toward a much larger (16x20ish) book of photographs. Made from tiny proof prints I made this little test book to get a feel for the final sequencing and the upcoming difficulty in binding. I learned A LOT by doing this small little test book