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A series of photos of an old dry cleaning building that no longer exists.


Just a small grouping of 4 concrete photographs

pinhole lens

Shown here is a image from my home made 4"x10" pinhole camera, the print is made by contact printing.

Alternate Processes

I've been working on learning how to use a wide variety of photographic processes. The norm nowadays is fresh out of the box factory made gelatin silver coated paper exposed under an enlarger using small negatives. The hand crafted processes that I am interested in as of late are generally referred to as Alternate Processes. All of the chemicals are coated onto paper by hand to create a light sensitive emulsion, not by a machine in a factory thus being an alternative process (apparently). A 4x5 inch negative is placed directly in contact with the emulsion of the paper with a sheet of glass on top, creating a sandwich of sorts. Even without much machinery involved this process of contact printing creates very beautiful prints.


Look, there is some color! These images were 'hand' colored in photoshop. Using various techniques I think the end result ends up being quite acceptable

dry mounting

This is a 14 minute 55 second long video demonstration that shows step by step how to dry mount a print without a mount press using a regular home iron. it is very simple and can be done without much hassle. video includes: spoken in English, background music everything needed is shown and listed.

omega filed out negative carrier

This is the effect of a filed down negative carrier. The light that passes through the clear area on the long edges makes the print have black edges.


It was about 30F outside and this man in a banana suit was serving free samples of frozen drinks.

chicago loop

The Loop. Chicago.


The Art Institute of Chicago. I photographed this without a functioning light meter. My guess was quite off and the very dense negative produced this very interesting looking print.


This is where my darkroom currently resides. This is a family laundry room.