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3 2 1 contact

This is a contact print from a sheet of Ilford HP5 developed in ilfosol-s and printed on ilford mgIV rc glossy paper. The image made with the previously mentioned pinhole camera using a 12~ minute long exposure.

pinhole camera

The pinhole camera: Focal Length (for 4x5 sheet film): 98mm
Pinhole Size: 0.22mm
Field of View: ~110degrees horizontal
Pinhole Aperture: f/445
Format, 4x10, 5x10, 4x5. etc..


Where I am living yesterday was the winter solstice. That means that right now, it is the longest night of the year. With a long night ahead of me I made this 4x10 contact print. The original negative was made of gelatin silver paper. The original negative was created using this.

a story of a Cherokee man

This is an amazing story..A story of a Cherokee man... I heard a Rabbi recite this story.