finding your way through the first day on mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is confusing. After going through the annoying sign up process you finally get access to work on tasks.

why did we keep checking for an update?

When we first saw the signs that things were different we knew that it would come to this. It was years ago, things had already changed, but it wasn't out in the open. Then something happened. What was once on the fringes of our gift-giving and sharing gnawed its way right into the heart of the celebration.

Random Quote: Four

'TIS night: now do all gushing fountains speak louder. And my soul also is a gushing fountain.
'Tis night: now only do all songs of the loving ones awake. And my soul also is the song of a loving one.
Something unappeased, unappeasable, is within me; it longs to find expression. A craving for love is within me, which speaks itself the language of love.

Random Quote: Three

"There's almost nothing here which I like. I think I'm more attracted, as I get older, by nothing.. vacancy, light on the side of a wall, or the light on these snow drifts and their shadows across them. It makes me go back more into my soul." -Andrew Wyeth

Depressing Photography: 1

art supply shop at night

Random Quote: Two

"I stood looking down through the beech trees. When I threw a stone I could count to five before the splash. Then I jumped in a rush of gold to the head, through black and cold, red and cold, brown and warm, giving water the weight and size of myself in order to imagine it, water with my bones, water with my mouth and my understanding. When my body was in some way a wave to swim in, one continuous fin from head to tail, I steered through rapids like a canoe, digging my hands in, keeping just ahead of the river." -Alice Oswald

yesterdays north korean television stream

I have been watching some north korean television lately. The programming only seems to last a few hours a day but thats good enough to get a good look. I very much enjoyed the artwork that seemed to air between segments or programmes.  Here is some of it..

Random Quote: One

Where is beauty? Where I must will with my whole Will; where I will love and perish, that an image may not remain merely an image.

purchase art when you can do it


It is important to put art in your hand. Trying to take something in on a computer screen, a television, or, even on a wall, doesn’t really give one the same experience as actually holding it. In some way we get to control how we interact with the art when it is in our hands. This control allows us to have an individual experience and this is why I love buying photographs and books.

make pigment prints

A lot of photographs from this current generation are going to be stuck inside computers and on memory cards. For me it is important to have prints of at least some of the digital imagery I make so that the images are no longer locked in a machine. Just an image showing a test print as I work toward a larger project.